Child Care and Parent Services (CAPS)

Affordable child care continues to be a major barrier for low-income families seeking economic independence. Through the CAPS program, DeKalb County Department of Family and Children Services may be able to help those desiring self-sufficiency. The provision of free or low cost child care affords many families the opportunity to accept or retain employment, begin or continue educational upgrading, or skill training.

Subsidized child care helps pay for the care of dependent children under 13 years of age in a state licensed, registered, or approved facility for less than 24 hours per day. This can also apply to physically or mentally disabled children under 18 years of age.



  • Family Unit members must be DeKalb County residents.
  • Immunization must be current of each child receiving child care under CAPS.
  • CAPS is an income eligible program. All sources of family income require verification.
  • The responsible person must be participating in one of these approved employability activities:
    • Employed at least 25 hours per week and 35 hours per week per person in a two parent or responsible unit AND child care services must be needed in order for the responsible adult to retain employment OR
    • Enrolled and actively attending an approved educational or training program.


From time to time, DeKalb County has a waiting list for child care services. To secure a place on the waiting list, a waiting list application form must be completed. This may be done at our office or by calling (404) 370-5000. TANF recipients, Foster Parents, or those assigned a Child Protective Services Case Manager, should discuss child care needs with their assigned case manager.