Program Data

DeKalb DFCS has made a difference:

WE have saved over $15 million in welfare payments since 1997.

Our Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) rolls have decreased by more than 5,000 cases since implementing Welfare Reform in 1997.

We helped more than 3000 TANF recipients to find jobs and reduced our annual TANF payments by $5 million.

We provide nearly $2 million in food stamps each month to nearly 11,000 households.

We have provided over $200 million in Medicaid services to more than 32,000 households and individuals since 1997.

We spend nearly $20 million annually to support nearly 7,000 children in child care.

We protect vulnerable children by investigating nearly 3,000 reports of neglect and abuse annually.

We provide foster care services for more than 1,000 children each month.

We successfully place an average of 50 children for adoption each year.

We protect adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation by providing services to more than 150 cases each month.

We provide all services in a culturally competent manner since DeKalb County is the most culturally diverse county in Georgia.


More county statistics can be found at Georgia Division of Family and Children Services.