Illicit Discharge, Illegal Connection or Illegal Dumping

Federal, State and County laws and/or ordinances currently prohibit the discharge of certain non-stormwaters to the storm drain system.  The purpose of these regulations is to protect the quality of our surface water resources by minimizing contamination associated with urban activities.  Prohibited discharges include industrial process water, sanitary sewer flows, dumping of liquid waste, stormwater pollution and other non-storm flows.

Non-stormwater is discharged into the storm drain system through stormwater pollution, illicit discharges, illegal connections and illiegal dumping.

Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater pollution is created when rainwater flows over the rooftops, lawns, driveways and streets in our communities.  As it flows, it picks up sediment, debris, chemicals, litter and other contaminants.  These pollutants are carried into the storm sewer system which discharges into urban streams, wetlands, lakes and rivers.

Pollutant examples:

·         Sediment from soil erosion

·         Antifreeze and motor oil

·         Fertilizers and pesticides

·         Pet waste

·         Litter

Illicit Discharge

An illicit discharge of anything other than stormwater into the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).  Stormwater is any precipitation that falls from the sky, including rain, hail and snow.

Illegal Connection

An illegal connection is any man-made conveyance connecting a non-stormwater discharge directly into the MS4.  Such conveyances include any pipe channel, drain or conveyance, whether on the surface or subsurface, which allows an illicit discharge to enter the MS4.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is the deposit of hazardous waste, household waste or yard waste into the MS4.  Household waste includes tires, furniture, household appliances, and other bulk items.  Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, brush, and tree branches.  Hazardous waste includes paint products, motor oil and other


The DeKalb County Stormwater Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Quality Management Code can be viewed by clicking HERE.

What should I do if I find an illegal/illicit discharge?

Illegal/illicit dumping is a major cause of stormwater pollution.  Public witness complaints provide the most common source of information.  To report an illicit discharge, illegal connection, or illegal dumping, please call the Stormwater Environmental Comments line at (404) 294-2007. to have it investigated.