Stormwater Management Program

The County strives to meet the requirement of "reducing pollutants to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP)” by having procedures in place and following Best Management Practices (BMPs) in the following areas:  

  • Structural and Source Control Measures - addresses the different activities that physically affect the quantity and quality of the stormwater entering the County stormwater conveyance system.
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program - proactively identifies intentional and unintentional illicit discharges into the County’s stormwater system or waters of the state. While complete elimination of illicit discharges is a goal that may be difficult to achieve, this program helps minimize the occurrence of illicit discharges in the County.  If you suspect an illicit discharge into the County stormwater system or state waters, immediately contact Roads and Drainage at (404) 294-2007.
  • Industrial Facility Stormwater Runoff Control Program -  addresses the County’s industrial facility inventory and the inspection of industrial facilities for compliance with stormwater regulations.
  • Construction Site Management Program - addresses the County’s erosion and sedimentation control ordinance, site plan review process and construction site inspection process.
  • Impaired Waterbodies -  addresses stream segments only partially supporting or not at all supporting their designated uses, the pollutants of concern in those streams and the County’s watershed improvement efforts in these impaired streams.
  • Public Education and Public Involvement Programs - address the County’s many public involvement and public education activities. These activities include storm drain stenciling and school presentations and are designed to educate citizens about and involve citizens in efforts to improve water quality and increase the use of green infrastructure and low impact development BMPs.


  • Municipal Stormwater Facilities -  the County’s municipal facilities are inspected for compliance with stormwater regulations.

You can call the Roads and Drainage Environmental Comments line at (404) 294-2007 to report any environmental concerns such as illicit discharges or illegal dumping.

If you have any other issues, such as the condition of stormwater structures, pothole or road repair, pond requests, or flooding, please call Roads and Drainage customer service at 404-297-3840.