Capital Improvement Program (CIP)



Based on CEO Thurmond's recommendation, on February 23, 2021, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved a new Capital Improvement Program for the Department of Watershed Management (DWM) for the period 2021-2030 (CIP 2021). This visionary 10-year, $2.4 billion program will invest in and maintain the water and wastewater infrastructure vital to all County residents. CIP 2021 represents a new day for DeKalb County and has been developed using best-practice approaches and state-of-the-art hydraulic modeling, master planning, and project prioritization techniques.   Further details on the development, definition, and funding of CIP 2021 are provided at the links below.

Described the spending plan for CIP 2021 and the steps in the program definition and delivery lifecycle, which include identifying, prioritizing, approving, and delivering CIP projects. Learn more about the projects in CIP 2021 and how they were identified here. To fund CIP 2021 the County made extensive efforts to maximize revenues, minimize expenses, support customers in need, and reduce the cost of borrowing through cheap debt options such as WIFIA and GEFA loans. Learn more about the funding plan for CIP 2021 here In 2020 DWM completed its first-ever Master Plan. To develop the Master Plans, DWM drew heavily on both newly developed hydraulic models and stakeholder engagement. Future service scenarios through 2050 were evaluated the costs and benefits of each alternative.  Learn more about DWM’s Master Plan here.







Learn more about the DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management infrastructure projects.

Department of Watershed Management currently services over 5,000 miles of water and wastewater pipes in the county system.

Consent Decree DeKalb County's Federal Consent Decree is the implementation of certain sanitary sewer system programs and improvements.

Capacity Assurance Program  Processes and Protocols for Developers and Contractors who wish to work with DeKalb County.