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Consent Decree (CD)


DeKalb County has reached a Clean Water Act settlement in the form of a consent decree with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) that formalizes implementation of certain sanitary sewer system programs and improvements, many of which the County is already implementing. These programs and improvements, which focus on the collection and transmission components of the County’s sewers, will ensure long-term protection of public health and the environment, particularly with respect to the rivers and streams in the County. The programs and improvements will also ensure compliance with the federal Clean Water Act and the Georgia Water Quality Control Act and will improve the viability of the County’s sewers for generations to come. The consent decree provides a roadmap for working cooperatively with the EPA and EPD.

The information on this page will provide updates on DWM’s progress under the consent decree.


Federal Program Details

Credit Bank Certification

Modified Consent Decree

The County’s Motion to Enter the CD Modification

Exhibit A (Declaration)

Exhibit B (Response to Public Comments on the CD Modification) 

Complaint Filed
Notice of Lodging CD Filed
Consent Decree Lodged
Appendices to CD lodged
DeKalb Consent Federal Register

Programs and Information you can use

    Capacity Assurance Program
    Collection and Transmission Systems Training Program
    Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) Management Program
    Financial Analysis Program
    Infrastructure Acquisitions Program
    Maintenance Management System Program   (5 MB)
    Ongoing Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program
    Priority Areas Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program
    Sanitary Sewer Overflow Contingency and Emergency Response Plan October 2018
    Sewer Mapping Program
    Supplemental Environmental Project Stream Cleanup Plan
    System-Wide Flow and Rainfall Monitoring Program
    System-Wide Hydraulic Model



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Interim Sanitary Sewer Capacity Protocol Flow Chart

Minimum Linear Footage Report



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