Capacity Assurance Program


Based on the Modified Consent Decree (MCD) entered by the Honorable Steven D. Grimberg (United States District Judge) on 9/22/2021 and the 9/23/2021 communication from EPA/EPD directing the use of the new dynamic model, all capacity requests must follow the terms outlined in the Capacity Assurance Program under the MCD.

Do you need a Capacity Evaluation?

Post-Construction/permitted activities that require a capacity evaluation include:

  • New buildings, even if they are replacing demolished buildings (including single-family homes)
  • Commercial building additions (adding square footage)
  • Change in the use of commercial space.
  • Commercial building permits where plumbing work is being done
  • Anytime sewer lines or sewer laterals are installed
  • Anytime additional flow in the sewers is anticipated.              

You can request capacity evaluations by filling out the Sewer Capacity Request.  

If you have any questions or concerns, email 

Take a look at how the Capacity Credits Policy works for Developers like you.  

Capacity Credits Policy Presentation

Capacity Evaluation Timeline

  • 2-3 months for a full capacity evaluation after submission of a COMPLETED SCR.
  • 2 weeks for a "zero flow" confirmation letter after submission of a COMPLETED SCR.
  • An additional month if a 'Sewer Action Plan' is required beyond the 2-3 months for a full evaluation.


Capacity Credits Allocation Policy