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Weekly Stream Monitoring

Stream Sampling

Biological sampling will be performed on a rotating basis based on the biological monitoring results such that locations with good biologic integrity are monitored more frequently.  The table below provides the number of sampling events and parameters that will be sampling during the event.


Summary of Sample Program Parameters

Monitoring Type





In situ: water temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, flow

Five stations per year


Habitat, macroinvertebrates, fish

Five stations per year




In addition to collecting information for an aquatic habitat assessment, communities may be required to perform pebble counts and in situ physical measurements to comply with their Watershed Protection Plan.  Sampling should occur at least two weeks apart, so each sampling effort does not affect the other.  The length of stream segment used during the biological and habitat assessment should be determined using the Environmental Protection Division and Georgia Wildlife Resource Division's Standard Operating Procedures and documented at the time of each sampling event.  Typically, under most circumstances, the length should be a minimum of 100 meters or 35 times the mean width of the channel.  The stream reaches used for the habitat assessment should include the same reach sampled during macroinvertebrate and fish data collection efforts.


Field measurements of in situ parameters including DO, temperature, pH, specific conductance, and turbidity should be performed at mid-stream and mid-depth locations in the stream at each station during the collection of habitat and biological data and collected before biological sampling so the water column and stream substrate are not disturbed.  Individual components of the assessments are described briefly below.


Weekly Stream Data 8-5-19 to 8-9-19

Weekly Stream Data 7-29-19 to 8-2-19

Weekly Stream Data 7-22-19 to 7-26-19

Weekly Stream Data 7-15-19 to 7-19-19

Weekly Stream Data 7-8-19 to 7-12-19

Weekly Stream Data 7-1-19 to 7-5-19

Weekly Stream Data 6-24-19 to 6-28-19

Weekly Stream Data 6-17-19 to 6-21-19

Weekly Stream Data 6-10-19 to 6-14-19

Weekly Stream Data 6-3-19 to 6-7-19

Weekly Stream Data 5-24-19 to 5-31-19

Weekly Stream Data 5-20-19 to 5-24-19

Weekly Stream Data 5-13-19 to 5-17-19

Weekly Stream Data 5-6-19 to 5-10-19

Weekly Stream Data 4-29-19 to 5-3-19

Weekly Stream Data 4-22-19 to 4-26-19

Weekly Stream Data 4-15-19 to 4-19-19

Weekly Stream Data 4-8-19 to 4-12-19

Weekly Stream Data 4-1-19 to 4-5-19

Weekly Stream Data 3-25-19 to 3-29-19

Weekly Stream Data 3-18-19 to 3-22-19

Weekly Steam Data 3-11-19 to 3-15-19

Weekly Stream Data 3-4-19 to 3-8-19

Weekly Stream Data 2-25-19 to 2-28-19

Weekly Stream Data 2-19-19 to 2-22-19

Weekly Stream Data 2-11-19 to 2-15-19

Weekly Stream Data 2-4-19 to 2-8-19

Weekly Steam Data 1-28-19 to 2-1-19

Weekly Stream Data 1-21-19 to 1-25-19

Weekly Stream Data 1-14-19 to 1-18-19

Weekly Stream Data 1-7-19 to 1-11-19

Weekly Stream Data  12-24-18 to 12-28-18

Weekly Stream Data  12-17-18 to 12-22-18

Weekly Stream Data  12-10-18 to 12-14-18

Weekly Stream Data  12-3-18 to 12-7-18

Weekly Stream Data  11-26-18 to 11-30-18

Weekly Stream Data  11-19-18 to 11-23-18

Weekly Stream Data  11-12-18 to 11-16-18

Weekly Stream Data  11-5-18 to 11-9-18

Weekly Stream Data  10-22-18 to 10-26-18

Weekly Stream Data  10-15-18 to 10-19-18

Weekly Stream Data  10-8-18 to 10-13-18

Weekly Stream Data  10-1-18 to 10-5-18

Weekly Stream Data  9-24-18 to 9-28-18

Weekly Stream Data  9-17-18 to 9-21-18

Weekly Stream Data  9-10-18 to 9-14-18

Weekly Stream Data  9-3-18 to 9-7-18

Weekly Stream Data  8-27-18 to 8-30-18

Weekly Stream Data  8-20-18 to 8-24-18

Weekly Stream Data  8-13-18 to 8-17-18

Weekly Stream Data  8-6-18 to 8-10-18

Weekly Stream Data  7-30-18 to 8-3-18

Weekly Stream Data  7-23-18 to 7-27-18

Weekly Stream Data  7-16-18 to 7-20-18

Weekly Stream Data  7-9-18 to 7-13-18

Weekly Stream Data  7-2-18 to 7-6-18