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What is backflow?

Backflow is the reversal of flow in a water system from the normal or intended direction of flow.

Why is backflow prevention necessary?

To prevent any potential contaminants or pollutants from entering the water distribution system from private plumbing systems; either from back pressure or back siphonage.


Who is affected?

All DWM customers are subject to backflow conditions. As such, commercial and multi-family residential customers are required to install a backflow prevention assembly that is commensurate with the level of hazard present at the property. Single family residential customers are required to install a backflow prevention assembly on any irrigation system present on their property. The Backflow Prevention Section is available to assess the level of hazard of any DeKalb County water service connection and can be reached at 404-687-4075 or DeKalbBackflow@DeKalbCountyGA.Gov.

Where does a backflow preventer need to be installed?

Backflow preventers must be installed on the customer’s side of all water meters at the connection or before the first point of use. Inside installation needs the DWM backflow prevention section’s prior approval.

How do I know if I have a backflow preventer or who do I contact to have a backflow preventer installed?

Any current, Georgia licensed, plumbing contractor can assess your plumbing to determine if a backflow preventer is installed.

What do I do after my backflow preventer is installed?

Maintain and annually test your backflow preventer. DWM does not maintain a list of approved testers (approved testers are licensed by the State or 3rd party organizations). However, a list is maintained by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP, the State’s authorized testing party) at http://www.gawp.org/page/Backflow of persons certified under the Georgia Statewide Backflow Prevention Assembly Certification Program (GBPAT). The page allows you to "Search Testers". If you do a general search, it will provide a listing of the current testers. Note that not every tester certified offers the service commercially.

Reference Material

Backflow Prevention Brochure

Cross Connection Brochure

Backflow Prevention Assembly Chart for Single Family Irrigation System Installation

Residential Irrigation Brochure

Backflow Prevention Assembly Installation Affidavit

DWM's Backflow Prevention Assembly Test & Maintenance Report


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