Filling A Pool

Filling A Pool

DWM recommends the following practices to conserve water while enjoying your pool:

  • Repair any visible leaks immediately. Don’t wait until the “time is better”.
  • Wash cartridge filters when your pump operating pressure increases by 10 psi (pounds per square inch). Never allow wash water to run off into a storm drain, stream or another natural water body.
  • Warmer water means higher evaporation rates. Professionals recommend 78 degrees Fahrenheit as the ideal recreational pool temperature.
  • Wind exposure can increase evaporation in uncovered pools. Plant trees and shrubs that buffer your pool, but won't shed or drop leaves in the water. Better yet, invest in a pool cover (which will be required if a Level III Drought Response is declared).
  • This four-step bucket test may help you determine if you have a leak or a high evaporation rate.
    • Turn off the automatic fill valve.
    • Place a bucket on a step where the bucket rim is at least a few inches above the water line.
    • Place a heavyweight in the bucket and add water until the water level inside the bucket is equal to the water level in the pool.
    • Leave the bucket and pool undisturbed for several hot days, then compare the water level in the bucket to the water level in the pool.

      If the water level in the bucket is noticeably higher than the water level in the pool, you may be losing water to a leak.  Contact a pool leak detection specialist. 

Additionally, pool owners/operators are encouraged to use pool covers to reduce water loss caused by evaporation - which will reduce water bills.  If you have questions about drought restrictions, you can contact DWM at  770-270-6243 or the Georgia Environmental Protection Division at 404-463-1511 or  

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