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Name: Honey Creek Pump Station, Force Main and Gravity Sewer Improvements Project

Type: Wastewater

Location: 7501 Rockland Road

Cost: $24,423,000

Major Gravity Sewer Line Capacity Restoration $7.2M

Honey Creek Lift Station Improvements $26M

Substantial Completion: December 31, 2017

Final Completion: February 2018

This project is building a new pump station, force main and gravity sewer to replace an existing pump station and force main. The project consists of the installation of approximately 17,000 feet of new 18-inch force main along the existing 16-inch force main route located along Rockland Road beginning at the Honey Creek Pump Station and discharging at an existing manhole at the intersection of Rockland Road and North Goddard Road. The third part of the project is investigating the condition of approximately 15,000 feet of the existing gravity sewer starting at North Goddard Road and going through the Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve crossing Browns Mill Road, South Goddard Road and ending at the Pole Bridge Creek Water Treatment Plant.  

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