Residential Bulky Items & Special Collections

Once items have been placed curbside, residents must complete a bulky item or special collection request. Bulky items are included in residents’ annual sanitation assessment fees, but special collection items incur a prepaid special collection fee (see below). After a request has been submitted, an assessment will be completed, and residents will be provided with further instructions for completing the process. For requests submitted via USPS mail and secure drop box, a paper copy of the completed special collection form (SCAF) will be left at the resident’s home.

Click here to view special collection authorization form (SCAF).
Click here to view special collection door hanger notification.

Submitting Requests


USPS mailClick here for instructions.
OnlineClick here to submit a request.
In personSanitation Division’s administration building. 
3720 Leroy Scott Drive, Decatur, GA 30032
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.





Bulky Items (No Fee)

Mattresses & box springs.
Household appliances (must be empty and all doors removed.

Special Collection Items (Prepaid Fee)

Rocks and dirt.
Commingled piles.
Landlord evictions.            
Excess garbage bags.
Wood, metal fences, decking.
Improperly prepared yard trimmings.
Logs/limbs too large or improperly cut.
Tree parts greater than a 3-inch diameter.
Large volumes of garbage or yard trimmings.
Tree limbs cut by hired/professional contractors.
Construction AND demolition materials (no concrete).
Any number of unflattened cardboard boxes and over 10 flattened boxes.
Large volume contractor and customer-provided bags (NO Bagster bags).

Any requests submitted as a ‘no-fee collection request’ but are later determined to contain commingled/mixed-in special collection items will be categorized as a special collection and will require a prepaid fee prior to the collection.

Tires are no longer serviced as a curbside special collection item and can be recycled at the Seminole Road Landfill for a nominal fee. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions webpage for additional information on how to responsibly dispose of tires.

Special Collection Fees


General special collection pile$100 minimum fee
$225 per truckload
Tree parts greater than a three-inch diameter$200 minimum fee
$450 per truckload
Commingled piles (tree parts and garbage, etc.)$200 minimum fee
$450 per truck load





Special Collection Payments


USPS mailClick here for instructions.
Secure drop boxClick here for instructions.
OnlineReceive a link with payment instructions.
In personSanitation Division’s administration building.
3720 Leroy Scott Drive, Decatur, GA 30032
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.




Collection Timeline


Items must be placed neatly at the curb without blocking mailboxes, driveways, sidewalks, drainage systems, roadways, and utilities. The average collection time is within 10 business days after the request has been submitted (no fee requests); or within 10 business days after payments have been made and verified (special collections).