Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling, or e-recycling, is a term used for recycling electronics that have essentially reached the end of their useful life. The County’s goal is to promote the recovery, reuse and recycling of obsolete electronic equipment, while diverting some electronics from the Seminole Road Landfill. Please see the flyer below for a listing of acceptable and unacceptable items within the DeKalb County Sanitation Division’s e-recycling program. To participate, residents can drop off approved e-recycling items to the Seminole Road Landfill, 4203 Clevemont Road, Ellenwood, GA 30294.

Please click here for the official e-recycling program flyer.

To further accommodate residents, and to provide an additional local e-recycling resource, the Sanitation Division is pleased to recommend the Best Buy
e-recycling program. This program facilitates the responsible recycling of electronics that are not accepted within the Sanitation Division’s e-recycling program. Acceptable electronics include TVs, audio and video equipment, computers, tablets, cell phones, radios, appliances, ink and toner, rechargeable batteries, cameras and more. The program also features a home haul service for large appliances and televisions.

For more information and a comprehensive listing of acceptable items, please visit www.bestbuy.com/recycle.

Thank you for your commitment to environmental sustainability through recycling.