Glass Recycling Program

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Click here for the official glass recycling program flyer.
Click here for a list of county-operated glass recycling drop-off locations.
Click here for the glass recycling program frequently asked questions (FAQ) document. 

Glass recycling drop-off containers are serviced on an as-needed basis. Containers are transported to a glass recycling processor in College Park for servicing, and returned to their original location within 24 hours.


glass recycling jars_0.jpgSeparating glass from other recyclable materials is the most effective way to recycle it. In 2017, DeKalb County discontinued the placement of glass in curbside single-stream recycling, and provides county-operated glass recycling drop-off containers in strategic locations throughout each commission district. This approach maintains the integrity of recycled glass, and makes this recyclable item a much more marketable and valuable resource.
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To notify us of an overflowing glass recycling container at any of our seven drop-off locations throughout the county, please contact the Customer Care team at Place the container location and “Overflowing Glass Recycling Drop-off Container” in the email subject line.