Residential Service - Newly Built Homes

A fee-based solid waste service is provided to residents in unincorporated DeKalb, and the cities of Brookhaven, Doraville, Dunwoody, Lithonia, Pine Lake, Stonecrest, Stone Mountain and Tucker. Annual sanitation service fees include weekly garbage, recycling, yard trimmings and bulky item collection on residents' sanitation service day. Establishing new service requires proof of property ownership, and is subject to prorated annual sanitation service fees. New service requests can be submitted for garbage service only OR garbage & recycling service. 

Submitting service request
(Due to the popularity of the single-stream recycling program, it may take up to
 four weeks for recycling roll cart delivery)
Online – Click here to submit a request.
USPS mail – Click here to print a paper application. Click here for USPS mail instructions. 
Secure drop box – Click here to print a paper application. Click here for secure drop box instructions.

Garbage roll cart
New customers receive a standard 95-gallon garbage roll cart. Once a new account is established, property owners can request an additional 95-gallon roll cart (if desired), which will require an increase in annual sanitation service fees. For new customers with space constraintsi.e., townhomes or condominiums, a smaller capacity 45-gallon roll cart is also an option (requests will be reviewed, verified and approved on a case-by-case basis). 

Recycling roll cart
Participation in the recycling program is optional and included in the annual sanitation service fee. Residents can request a standard complimentary 35-gallon roll cart OR upgrade to a 65-gallon roll cart for a one-time $15 prepaid roll cart fee. Click here for more information on the residential single-stream recycling program.

Sanitation service fee payments
Prorated annual sanitation service fees are based on the month and year the house is purchased. After a new service request has been submitted and the account verification process is completed, residents will be advised of the required service fees. All fees must be paid prior to roll cart delivery and the start of collection service.

Requests submitted online will receive online payment instructions via email.
Click here for information on making payments by USPS mail.
Click here for information on making payments by secure drop box.
Click here for information on prorated annual sanitation service fees for one garbage roll cart.