Roll Cart Requests - Existing Customers

The information below applies to existing customers, including existing homes with new ownership.

Submitting a garbage or recycling roll cart request
(Due to the popularity of the single-stream recycling program, it may take up to four weeks for recycling roll cart delivery)
Online – Click here to submit a request.
USPS mail – Click here to print a paper application. Click here for USPS mail instructions. 
Secure drop box – Click here to print a paper application. Click here for secure drop box instructions.  

Additional garbage or recycling roll cart
Property owners can request a second 95-gallon garbage roll cart or an additional recycling roll cart, which will require an increase in annual sanitation service fees.
Click here for service fee information for households with a 95-gallon roll cart.
Click here for service fee information for households with two 95-gallon roll carts.
Click here for service fee information for households with two recycling roll carts.

Garbage or recycling roll cart upgrade, replacement or exchange
Upgrading to a 95-gallon garbage roll cart or 65-gallon recycling roll cart requires a one-time $15 prepaid roll cart fee. Stolen or damaged roll cart replacements or exchanges may require a fee. 35- and 45-gallon roll carts are replaced or exchanged for a 45-gallon roll cart. 95-gallon roll carts are replaced/exchanged for a 95-gallon roll cart. 
Click here for information on roll cart replacement options and pricing. 

Prepaid roll cart fee/prorated sanitation service fee payment options
Requests submitted online will receive online payment instructions via email.
Click here for information on making payments by USPS mail.
Click here for information on making payments by secure drop box.