Storm water - Keep It Clean, Because We're All Downstream!

Storm water pollution is one of the biggest problems facing water resources throughout metropolitan areas across the United States. Uncontrolled storm water volume increases stream bank erosion and often results in downstream flooding. The storm water pollution problem is especially critical in the Atlanta area because 98 percent of our drinking water comes from surface water sources.

What we all do matters! Typical storm water pollutants that are improperly dumped down storm drains and enter our rivers include motor oil, antifreeze, paint, pesticides, fertilizers, trash, yard debris and dirt! Just one quart of motor oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of drinking water.

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Did You Know?
  • One of the most common pollutants found in storm drains and creeks is detergent from the washing of cars.
  • It is illegal to dump wastewater or water containing soaps, cleaning, products, or grease and oil into streets or storm drains.
  • Landscaping can help reduce storm water runoff; vegetated areas cause little storm water runoff.
  • Here's the Scoop: Pick Up After Your Pet...According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association, in 2002, there were over 60 million pet dogs in the United States, that's about 63 billion pounds of poop a year that could enter our surface waters!
  • You can Learn About (Surf) Your Watershed at the environmental Protection Agency web site: