Director’s Biography

Biography - Tracy A. Hutchinson


Ms. Hutchinson is an experienced solid waste management professional, with expertise in the areas of environmental assessment; enhancement and compliance; and all aspects of solid waste processing, disposal and landfill operations. Having successfully championed and co-facilitated solid waste management initiatives throughout her career spanning over 20 years, Ms. Hutchinson has pioneered innovative solid waste and environmental design ideas, concepts and proposals across all organizational levels. This success has resulted in Ms. Hutchinson’s integration of new supporting policies and operating procedures into existing business models.

Ms. Hutchinson joined the Sanitation Division in 2004, serving in the role of assistant director, Processing & Disposal. In September 2016, she was appointed the Division’s interim director, and transitioned to permanent status as division director in June 2017. Ms. Hutchinson oversees the Division’s day-to-day operations; develops and implements long-range strategic plans; and oversees administrative and field operations comprising 641 employees within six operational areas. In 2019, Ms. Hutchinson was awarded oversight of the Beautification Unit. Serving at the helm of the County’s third-largest division, the hallmark of Ms. Hutchinson’s tenure is her commitment to a culture of service excellence. In collaboration with her team members overseeing the Communications, Collections, Processing, Disposal, Administration and Payroll & Personnel areas, Ms. Hutchinson’s vision is unequivocal and integrates the following:

– Effective messaging delivered to diverse audiences with confidence, conviction, clarity and purpose.
– Innovative and viable policies and procedures aimed at continually improving operational efficiencies.
– Timely and efficient service to 175,000+ households, with a sustained focus on customer service excellence.

Ms. Hutchinson served in a senior management role for 10 years with Waste Management. Her professional affiliations include serving as corporate director for SWANA North America, and subsequently, president of the SWANA Georgia Chapter. She also holds professional certifications in landfill operations, collection systems and recycling systems, and a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Savannah State University.

Departmental Summary
The DeKalb County Sanitation Division is a self-sustaining enterprise fund operation, providing a comprehensive and integrated solid waste management program to residential and commercial customers within its service area.

To provide an efficient, cost-effective, sustainable and integrated solid waste management program for residents and businesses within our service area, with a sustained focus on customer service excellence.