School Recycling Program

Educational institutions accumulate a remarkable amount of waste. By learning how to handle this waste as a resource, these institutions have an opportunity to engage in cost optimization, educational awareness, and positively advance their environmental stewardship goals. 

Program's Mission and Benefits

To continually promote innovative and sustainable recycling program initiatives focused on waste reduction, resource conservation, and environmental sustainability education for the next generation.

Program's Benefits 
Protects the environment.
Facilitates solid waste cost optimization.
Educates tomorrow’s leaders through environmental education and service learning opportunities.

Subscribing to the Program

Once an application is submitted, the Sanitation Division will conduct a site assessment, deliver required recycling containers, and provide appropriate training to school custodians, principals, STEM coordinators, students and other necessary school staff.

Commercial recycling subscription form                      Click here.
Acceptable and unacceptable recyclables                  Click here.

For more information or to participate in the school recycling program, please contact Ilana Daniel at Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us toward a more sustainable DeKalb.

Schools not within the DeKalb County School District

The Sanitation Division is delighted to implement the program at schools that are not within the School District’s portfolio, but are within DeKalb County. Interested schools will be required to set up a commercial recycling account.