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About Watershed Management

Our Vision and Mission

The DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management protects the public health, safety and welfare through the provision of safe drinking water and quality wastewater treatment. Our services provide a base for ensuring the quality of life both now and in the future.

We fulfill this role by:

  • Providing the highest quality product, service and management
  • Educating our citizens about water conservation and water supply systems
  • Using technology efficiently
  • Promoting collaboration among employees and the community

The DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management was established in 1942. In 1985, the department became a division of a larger Public Works Department. In addition to the estimated 5,000 miles of pipe in the distribution and collection systems, major facilities operated and maintained by the Department include the Scott Candler Water Treatment Plant, the Pole Bridge Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Snapfinger Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the DeKalb County Raw Water Pumping Station. Through the planning, operation, maintenance, and monitoring activities of our employees, these facilities provide clean, safe drinking water, quality wastewater treatment, and environmentally-sensitive maintenance and construction activities.

The Department of Watershed Management has approximately 670 employees working within five internal divisions: Administrative Services, Construction & Maintenance, Water Treatment, GIS/GPS Mapping & System Inventory, and Technical & Production Services.