Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve

Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve 
3787 Klondike Road 
Lithonia, GA 30038 

Phone: 770-484-3060 
Fax: 770-484-3059



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Meet Ranger Robby and Evonne!

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Join "Ranger Robby and Evonne" for a hike and learn about natural and cultural resources at the Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve. We'll take in the views and leave you with a better understanding of local history, industry and nature in old Klondike. Please stop by the visitor center for upcoming special programs, children activities, guided tours and wildlife viewing.

This 2200 acre nature preserve is adorned with features like Arabia Mountain, Arabia Lake, South River, wetlands, rock outcrops, temperature forests, and fields that can be enjoyed year-round. Arabia's unique ecology provides habitat for some equally unique wildlife species! The preserve is also home to many unique plants, including federally protected species. We encourage you to enjoy the nature preserve; take your memories with you, but please leave all things natural behind for others to enjoy.

The PATH is Arabia’s most popular source of recreation. It is very popular with cyclist, hikers and casual walkers. An easy one mile hike will lead you to Arabia Lake which is open to the public for fishing. Arabia's natural, cultural, historical and recreational resources offer amazing opportunities for environmental education. Nature studies in botany, biology, ecology, geology and conservation are provided by a dedicated staff. If you are interested in scheduling a program for students, please call (770) 484-3060 for more information!







If you are interested in having an event at Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve please contact (404)371-3643.