Masterplans and Current Projects


 Master Plans and Current Projects



Current Projects


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Mercer Trail Study Presentation_11-2-23.pdf

Mercer Trail Study Presentation_9-27-23_web_



Master Plans 

DeKalb Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2021-2031

County Line Park Master Plan Presentation 

Hairston Park Virtual Master Plan First Public Meeting 

Intrenchment Creek Park Master Plan Community Meeting Presentation- 3.31.21

Kittredge Concept Master Plan

Mason Mill Park Master Plan Board 1 

Mason Mill Park Master Plan Board2

Mason Mill Park Presentation 

Master Plan Final Update

Michelle Obama Park Presentation  and Michelle Obama Park Master Plan

Pleasantdale Park Master Plan

2020-10-02_Rowland Site Plan   




Public Meeting Presentations


Frazier Rowe

Presentation - April 18,2022 

Presentation - August 17, 2023


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Zoom Meeting

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Intrenchment Creek Park

Public Meeting  #2 

Presentation for May 19, 2021 Public Meeting #2 (Intrenchment Creek)

Michelle Obama Park-concept A 

Michelle Obama Park-Parcel Map-PECS-Zoom.pdf



N.H. Scott Pool Renovations 

Public Release05-18-22 N.H. Scott Pool Virtual Community Meeting

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Hariston Park

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#3 Master Plan Meeting

​Hairston Park Master Plan Meeting #3 Presentation_2022-08-10.pdf icon

Mason Mill Park 

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Meeting Recording:

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Pleasantdale Park

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Final Boards Reduced 

Comment Card