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Little Creek Horse Farm and Park

Master Planning


DeKalb County has engaged Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc., to develop a Master Plan for the Little Creek Horse Farm and Park, which is located at 2057 Lawrenceville Highway, Decatur, Georgia.  This process began in February, 2019 and is expected to be concluded in May of 2019.

Little Creek Horse Farm and Park

The Little Creek Horse Farm and Park is a 40 acre site that serves two functions.  First, it is dedicated to equestrian services which include a barn with 46 horse stalls and an indoor riding arena, 13 acres of pastureland for horse grazing and riding and an outdoor (lighted) riding arena.  Second, located on the outside of the fenced pastureland is a wooded area that currently has a small picnic area as well as walking trails currently used by local residents in the neighborhood.

Traversing across the entire property from east to west is the South Fork Peachtree Creek.  The majority of the property, with the exception of the immediate area around the horse barn and parking lot, is located in a floodplain where medium to heavy rains can partially flood the pastures and wooded areas of the park.

Master Plan Objective

The objective of the Master Planning Process is to build a consensus between DeKalb County, the Little Creek Farm Conservancy/Friends of Little Creek Horse Farm, the on-site stakeholders, the surrounding neighborhoods and the residents from DeKalb County and for the purpose of identifying future improvements and upgrades to better serve the community.  Funds have not been allocated for future improvements at this time and will need to be identified and obtained through County budget allocations, local grants and fundraising efforts of the Little Creek Farm Conservancy.  Additionally, the Master Plan will identify a variety of ways that the equestrian world of LCHF and the DeKalb County at large, can interface through safe and secure methods for the purpose of promoting and educating the County about horses.  These efforts can include increased public programs, classes, workshop or special events that could take place at LCHF throughout the year.

Public Meetings

To date, two meetings have been held to gather suggestions and ideas for future improvements and upgrades to the entire 40 acre site.

The first meeting held was on February 21, with the major stakeholders of the Farm.  This included the Little Creek Farm Conservancy (LCFC/FOP), individuals who board their horses at LCHF, and operators of equestrian programs for the interested public.

The second meeting was held on February 28, which was attended by interested residents from the surrounding community and neighborhoods and LCFC/FOP (as representatives of the community at-large).


The DeKalb County Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs will hold a series of public meetings to review the draft plans for Little Creek Horse Farm including park amenities, improvements and to determine the public’s priorities. The first meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 10, at 6 p.m., at DeKalb County Fire Rescue Headquarters, 1950 West Exchange Place, Tucker, GA 30084. The meeting will take place in Suite 400.

Public Meetings Dates

  • Saturday, July 20, 1 p.m.
  • Sunday, July 28, 1 p.m.       



To review the minutes and notes taken at these two meeting, please click here.

Moving Forward

at this time.

The public is encouraged to visit this webpage over the next several weeks for Master Planning updates.


Should you have any questions or comments you can contact Mr. David Flaherty at 404-371-3695 (office) or via email at


Meeting Notes 2-21-19 with Conservancy.pdf

Meeting Notes 2-28-19 LCHF Friends .pdf

Meeting Notes 4-13-19.pdf