Recreation Programs and Center's

For the health and safety of our staff and visitors, DeKalb Recreation Parks and Cultural Affairs is limiting access to many county facilities due to the current COVID-19 health concern.  All recreation center's, the nature center, athletic fields as well as playgrounds and other mass gathering spots are closed until further notice. At this time we are cancelling upcoming program's, events, and parties.  Although we are closed we still want to provide you with family fun activities, fitness tips and more. Find cool and interactive resources for all ages to become positively engaged below! Please be sure to follow us on social media and check out our March activities!

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March Activities

March 1

Activity- Let’s Get Physical – Move Monday

Description: Complete the following exercises for a quick burn: 25 pushups (4 sets) , 25 sit ups (4 sets), Jump rope (3 sets x 1 minute each set, 25 jumping jacks.


March 2

Activity- Dr. Seuss favorite stories for “Read Across America Day”



March 3

Activity: Bartholomew and the Oobleck STEM Activity with LEGO

Supplies: Cornstarch, Water, Green Food Coloring, Bowl, Spoon, Legos(plates, blocks and minifigs, and mesh



March 4

Activity: Cat in the Hat Craft Activity



March 6

Activity: Oreo Tasting

Description: Celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day (March 6, 2021). Invite your friends over to eat Oreos! Track down as many varieties of these tasty cookies that you can and have a tasting of Oreo flavors. Cool Mint? Golden? Birthday Cake? Original?  Do minis taste different than regular? Ask the hard questions and enjoy!


March 8

Activity- Let’s Get Physical – Move Monday

Description: Enjoy a game of blowing at home.



March 9

Activity: Create a sidewalk chalk mural.

Description: Grab some sidewalk chalk and create your own masterpiece. Get creative and remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


March 10

Activity: Family Movie - A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures 



March 12

Activity: Make Peanut Butter and Jelly Fudge at Home




March 15, 2021 – Let’s Get Physical – Move Monday

Activity: 30-Minute Family Fun Workout



March 17

Activity- Fruit Loop Rainbow Craft

Supplies: Fruit Loop Cereal, Printable Rainbow and Glue



March 18

Activity- Celebrating Women Leaders

Description: Free printable coloring sheets of women leaders

Link: sheets_n_58f12369e4b0bb9638e3cc8e?guccounter=


March 19

Activity- Growing Beans on Cotton Balls



March 22

Activity- Let’s Get Physical – Move Monday

Description: Go on a mindful walk as a family and turn your five senses to the world around you.


March 23

Activity: Paper Pinwheel Craft

Supplies: Printout, Cardstock paper, push pin, dowel, paint, paintbrush ,scissors, smock, glue stick




March 24

Activity: Growing Seeds In Eggshells  



March 25

Activity: How to Skip Rock and Stones

Description:  Get outside and enjoy the simple things. Find a river, pond or any large body of water and enjoy this retro pastime of skipping rocks. See if you can break the world record.



March 29

Activity: Visit your neighboring DeKalb County Park and take a walk



March 30

Activity: Basketball Rice Krispy Treats

Description: Its March Madness, Lets make some sweet basketball treats.



March 31

Activity: Kids Sudoku Puzzles

Description: Try a sudoku puzzle for a quick 15-minute Brain Pop activity.