Pavilion Reservations

Reservations for 2022 can be requested by completing the online reservation form and will be processed in the order of time and completion date.

The Park and Recreation Departmental staff provides quality services for your picnic and leisure outing needs.  Please take the time to read the Park Rules and Guidelines before completing and submitting the form provided below.  We require at least 15 days notice of your planned event in order to process your request.  Thanks for your interest in our DeKalb County parks and please keep us in mind when planning your future leisure outings. 

•  Small pavilions are $100.00 to reserve and accommodate up to 50
•  Large pavilions are $150.00 to reserve and accommodate up to 100
•  Out-of-county residents must add $30 to the listed prices.

Pavilions that are available to reserve:


Exchange Park / 1 large pavilion  
Flat Shoals Park / 1 small pavilion
Lithonia Park / 1 large pavilion
Mason Mill Park / 1 large pavilion, 1 small pavilion
N.H. Scott Park / 1 large pavilion
Shoal Creek II Park / 2 small pavilions
W. D. Thompson Park / 1 small pavilion
Wade Walker Park / 1 large, 4 small pavilions


Rules and General Guidelines

  • DeKalb County Park Rules and Ordinances
  • DeKalb County parks with pavilion(s) are available on a first come, first serve basis.  A pavilion reservation (permit) entitles the permit holder to exclusive use of the pavilion for those dates and time indicated on the permit.

  • All reserving parties are limited to one reservation per month, per shelter.  Reservation requests will be handled in the order that they are received.
  • Once the reserving party makes the selection, the site will be (tentatively) scheduled.
  • Payment is due 2 weeks from the submission of the application.
  • The Reservation Agreement and all applicable documents must be returned along with payment to the Park and Recreation Department by the specified due date in order to guarantee the reservation.
  • The reservation will be cancelled if the reservation application and agreement documents along with the fees are not received by the specified due date. 
  • Applicants may not advertise the event on the radio or with fliers.
  • Alcohol is prohibited unless a police officer has been secured through the Park Security Coordinator.
  • Selling and or charging admission is prohibited at a County park.
  • Electrical service may NOT be available at all shelter location.
  • Restrooms are only available at Exchange, Flat Shoals, Mason Mill and Wade Walker Park.

Refund Policy



Exchange Park

Amenities- Playground, Grill, Tables, Parking, Restrooms, Electrical Outlets, Trash Receptacles and Fishing Lake


Flat Shoals Park

Amenities- Playgrounds, Tables, Grills, Exercise Path, Game Tables, Restrooms, Tennis Courts, Trash Receptacles and Electrical Outlets

(First Come , First Served ) No tables


Small Pavilion

Lithonia Park

Amenities - Playground, Grill, Tables, Basketball Courts, Open Field, Swimming Pool (Seasonal), Parking, Trash Receptacles 


Mason Mill Park

Amenities - 2 Grills, Electricity, Playground, Restroom, Tables, Parking (limited), Trash Receptacles, Tennis Court and Open Fields 


N.H. Scott Park

Amenities - 2 Grills, No Electricity, Open Field, Tennis Courts/Basketball Court and No Restrooms (Can access restroom when open)


Shoals Creek Park I  (Small Pavilion)

Amenities- Playground, Electricity, No Restroom, No Water Fountain


Shoal Creek I


Field Reservations

Field reservations can be made year round online, via phone by contacting Shannon Murray (770) 414-2111 or Marcus Byams (404)371-6270.

Field Usage Request Form .pdf

Exchange Park 
Gresham Park       
Hamilton Park (Clyde Aiken Field)
Midway Park
N.H. Scott Park
Shoal Creek I
Rock Chapel
True Love Softball Complex
Wade Walker Park